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About us

fitbuddha employs widows, single parents and refugee women with jobs and financial stability. The fashion label helps women rebuild their self-esteem. The products are either hand-knitted or made in selected ateliers under fair conditions in Turkey. fitbuddha is a fashion brand with a mission. It fights against racism and gives a unique voice to those who are hardly heard. fitbuddha is aware of its social responsibility and aims to support those who are in need. True female empowerment!

Our sewing studio

Since 2023 we have been sewing at KEP, a training center and sewing studio based in Izmir. Refugee women from Syria, but also single and widowed Turkish women are paid fairly there. Childcare is also provided free of charge at the studio. Sustainability is an important factor at KEP: rainwater is used for ironing and solar panels for part of the electricity generation. KEP was founded by the Baden-Württemberg NGO "3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.". We are very happy to work with KEP and sew beautiful, fair, animal and human friendly garments.