The fitbuddha brand supports widows and elderly women who are left behind in today's fast-paced and profit-driven world. fitbuddha supports these women with jobs, financial stability and helps to build self-esteem. All knitted wool products are handmade by women. Other products in the fashion line, such as coats, pants and blazers, are also made by women in need who live in villages around Turkey - including refugees. These women are paid fairly so they can meet their economic needs. In addition, fitbuddha provides a social network by connecting people who experience the same problems, such as social isolation. They meet to knit together and build camaraderie and friendships. fitbuddha is a fashion brand with a mission. It fights racism and gives a unique voice to those who cannot speak for themselves or are unheard. A high awareness of social responsibility is what the brand wants to convey. fitbuddha aims to expand its influence on social change and support those in need.